Through film coating we are able to apply plant protection products to seed which is an environmental breakthrough and a very important tool for integrated pest management. Compared to field spraying, a seed coating helps to reduce the use of plant protection products by a significant percentage providing an important contribution to the sustainability of agriculture and horticulture and a dramatic reduction in costs for the grower.


A Seed Innovations™ film coat is not just a cosmetic product, it is a key element in the application of plant protection products. Seed Innovations™ are proud to partner with world leaders in seed enhancement, Incotec®, to provide New Zealand farmers and growers with the best the world can offer when it comes to film coating technologies.


The process of film coating involves the application of a liquid formulation to seed so that it forms a solid film. This is known as the basis coat and will provide a weight increase of 20-200% on the original seed. 


The objectives of film coating seed include: 


1.  Safe, accurate and dust free incorporation of plant protection products

2.  Improvement of the plantability of a seed lot

3.  Improvement of the appearance of a seed lot


More information can be found in our film coating brochure and orders can be placed online.

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