Through pelleting we are able to create a smoother surface and more uniform shape as well as increase the size and weight of a seed; all characteristics designed to maximise planting efficiency. Growers are therefore better able to obtain precision planting which results in a more even crop stand and consequently a better yield. 


A Seed Innovations™ pellet is not just a cosmetic product, it is a key element in achieving precision planting and enabling the application of plant protection products and additives to enable maximum crop performance. Seed Innovations™ are proud to partner with world leaders in seed enhancement, Incotec®, to provide New Zealand farmers and growers with the best the world can offer when it comes to pelleting technologies. 


The process of pelleting involves the application of a powder and liquid formulation to seed so that it forms a build-up around the seed and will provide a weight increase of 500-800% on the original seed. A Seed Innovations™ pellet can be used for seed lots that will be sown using either pneumatic (vacuum) drilling equipment or the more traditional belt seeders.


The objectives of pelleting seed include: 


1. Improvement of the plantability of a seed lot to:

  • achieve greater singulation during sowing

  • improve drilling accuracy thereby obtaining greater precision sowing

2. Creating a carrier for plant protection products, micronutrients and other additives


More information can be found in our pelleting brochure and orders can be placed online.

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