Loading of plant protection products on seed has proven to reduce the risk of crop losses to insects and other pests and thereby increase the crop yield. However the effectiveness of the plant protection products administered depends on the dosage applied to the target seed. Various dosages have been researched by chemical companies and there is a specific dosage range that is considered optimal.

  • A lower dosage than that which is recommended could significantly reduce the effectiveness of the plant protection product applied
  • A higher dosage than that which is recommended could reduce effectivity and may be harmful to the seed and/or the environment

Using high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) we can test for loading accuracy of treated seed lots. The analysis of loading on a seed will determine:

  • the rate of plant protection product on the seed as compared to the target rate of active ingredient required
  • the distribution of plant protection products from seed to seed i.e. how even is the application
  • the analysis of the dust-off i.e. what rate of chemical is being lost in particles not attached to the seed

Enquiries can be made for loading analysis of seed lots. A sample of 200 seeds per seed lot per chemical tested for is required.

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