Film coating, encrusting or pelleting allows for the application of plant protection products on to seed.

In New Zealand there are only a limited number of products that are registered for application as a seed treatment. Given the dynamic nature of the market for agricultural compounds we have not listed here the current registered plant protection products due to the ongoing changes in legislation, market requirements and technology. 

It is common that growers request a plant protection product to be applied to their seed for which a registration does not exist for that particular crop. This is known as an off-label use of a product and is legally allowed within New Zealand so long as the resultant crop grown from the seed complies with the New Zealand (Maximum Residue Limits of Agricultural Compounds) Food Standards (the MRL Standards) and amendments. 

The MRL Standards list the MRLs for a range of agricultural compounds, but also includes a provision for residues of up to 0.1 mg/kg for agricultural compound/food combinations not specifically listed. Under the MRL Standards, agricultural compound residues in food must comply with the specific MRLs listed in the MRL Standard (including the ‘default’ MRL of 0.1 mg/kg where no specific MRL is listed).

It must be understood that Seed Innovations™ cannot recommend, advertise or endorse any off-label use of a plant protection product. However, on request and following consent of a grower we are able to apply the product as part of a seed coating. Liability for the resultant MRL in the harvested crop rests solely with the grower.

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