Through film coating plant protection products (PPPs) can be applied to seed which is an environmental breakthrough and a very important tool for integrated pest management. Optimal protection, however, is only achieved when these seed treatment compounds are efficiently applied.


With the agricultural industry facing increasing legislation and environmental issues which oppose inefficient use of PPPs the attributes of the film coat liquids used to apply these PPP’s to seed is never more important. Incotec’s® film coats, the DISCO™ product range, suitable for virtually all types of seed, can meet these requirements.


The DISCO™ range of film coat liquids is specifically formulated for individual market and seed requirements by Incotec®  in collaboration with the developers of plant PPPs to ensure their compatability and to provide agriculture professionals with the best possible result from their crop.


These DISCO™ film coat liquids contain binders, color pigments and flow agents and are developed to replace the traditional slurry treatment. The PPPs are combined with the DISCO™ film coat liquid and then applied to the seed resulting in dust-free seed and optimal seed and crop protection.


The DISCO™ range of products for film coating includes:



  • for the treatment of maize, sweet corn, sorghum and wheat

  • developed for agronomic crops where a low price point is very important


  • for the treatment of broad acre brassicas, ryegrass, maize/sweet corn and squash/pumpkin

  • developed for coating situations that require a greater colour intensity of colour  with a lustrous finish


  • for the treatment of high value seed including vegetable seed

  • developed for seed lines that require a more professional finish with high levels of pearlescene

More information can be found in our film coat liquids brochure and orders can be placed online.



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