The binding system used to develop a seed encrustment plays a crucial role in the integrity of that encrustment, which is important for plantability of the seed lot and also as a carrier for additives and actives.


Incotec's® binding system, H014 is a water based, clear binder concentrate for seed coating. H014 was developed to allow for the production of seed encrustments which are safe to seed and easy to process.


Suitable for virtually all types of seed, H014 is a competitively priced, high end product that is commonly used for the encrusting of lucerne, clover, legumes and grass species.


H014 has been developed by Incotec® to ensure the best possible result for the different seed types it is likely to be applied to. H014 has been formulated to meet specific requests and challenges based on the following principles:


  • guaranteed safe to seed

  • very high binding strength

  • low viscosity

  • compatibility with plant protection products and rhizobia inoculants

  • works well at 1:1 dilution with water

  • user friendly for processing with pure lime

  • very easy clean up

  • safe to the environment and will not persist in the soil

  • safe to human health for handlers and operators

  • produced in Australia and supplied on demand so the product is freshly formulated

More information can be found in our binding systems brochure and orders can be placed online.


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