Incotec’s®  GeniusCoat™ Ag additive is a specific blend of humic and fulvic acids incorporated in a specially developed film coat formulation for use on agricultural crops. A growth stimulant, GeniusCoat™ Ag is intended for use as a tool to increase yield and maximise the genetic potential of agricultural crops such as cereals, maize and pasture. 


GeniusCoat™ Ag encourages robust root development making the plant better equipped to exploit the natural resources of the soil. This can provide stronger root growth, improved vigour and ultimately higher yields. The additive provides dual benefit to the developing plant:

  • through characteristics of the soil in direct contact with roots may be altered, improving nutrient bioavailability

  • simultaneously, by activating metabolic processes more immediate development of the plant embryo may be achieved

The expected results of treating seed with GeniusCoat™ Ag are:

  • earlier and more uniform emergence

  • enhanced root growth, and

  • a vigorous, healthy plant that is better able to withstand stress


As well as GeniusCoat™ Ag, Incotec®  globally is investigating various additives for application to seed that offer vegetative and yield benefits in a number of crop types. These additives include microbial inoculants, signalling molecules, plant growth regulators and other biostimulants.


More information can be found in our GenuisCoat™ Ag brochure and orders can be placed online.




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